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justlinux 07-18-2001 04:31 PM

Bind 8 Apache
Hello every one i was wondering if they is any deffrance between setup bind for a

vs . com name

any info on setup bind wound be nice

mcleodnine 07-18-2001 04:36 PM

Nope. No difference.

There is a difference in how you go about getting a .ca or domain name. Anyone can get a .com, but I believe you must be an operating business in Canada to get a .ca domain and probably the same to get

Where you are in teh world does not matter for a .com domain (I think...):)

justlinux 07-18-2001 06:06 PM

Now what about setup bind ? with one static ip ?
What else is involed with setuo bind with only one ip do i just make it a primary ?

and enter the one ip for the zone ?

mcleodnine 07-19-2001 01:35 AM

Are you trying to build a 'real' name server for an interet domain? You'll need to 'register' the nameserver before it can become authoritative for domains you will be hosting. You will also need a second name server. That can be done for a fee by your ISP.

justlinux 07-19-2001 02:50 AM

Yes i want to be the primary nameserver and do not want my isp to be sec cause they charge money for it can i still be done ?

can i run my primary and sec on the same ip >?

mcleodnine 07-19-2001 03:00 AM


justlinux 07-19-2001 03:10 AM

can i do it with just a primary

and not have a back until i can find some one to host one?

Icq 19293877

mcleodnine 07-19-2001 03:20 AM

you could register that one name server, but you can't host a web site as any registrar I've dealt with requires at least two DNSs.

justlinux 07-19-2001 05:05 PM

Ya i guess i will get my friend to be sec
will have to a friend off mine to be sec ?>

dilberim82 07-21-2001 10:37 AM

orr you could use as your secondary DNS server. Its a free service up to 5 names i think.

justlinux 07-21-2001 01:19 PM

Or i cound use

or zonedit

dilberim82 07-21-2001 04:38 PM

I did not try them so i dont know anything about them. Its good to know though i'll take a look at them next time :)

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