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flayzernax 12-17-2009 10:37 PM

Belkin54g router not Jammin well with Linux/Slack/Realtek (belkin USB wirelesss)
I have slack 13, kernel running on a realtek 81850 (or something) model USB wireless with a belkin54g access point.

At boot time it connects and runs flawlessly after logging in, ping, make http connections, wget stuff, nslookup it all works.

Usually after being up and sometimes after some real heavy traffic (it seems stuff like electricsheep screensaver, video downloads etc cause the connection to get borked...

When it starts failing I can still access all local devices fine ... i can RDP to a local windows box, I can web admin the router at my internel class C address works great. Whois still works for WAN sites, ping, nslookup still works.

But all incoming external wan HTTP connections fail... will not connect

I get the standard, timed out, the server did not respond, you might be firewalled etc...

I have the realtek module configured staticly, and i have iptables modules/netfilter modules, ipv4 and ipv6 mods all compiled but no iptables or firewall configured locally

The routers firewall and NAT is up and enabled with 2 rules for a windows box

This happens even when there's no traffic from the other machines on the network. so there's not allot of connections through the nat/firewall

My slackware box is configured statically to an address outside the routers dhcp servers allocation range

I have a constant DoS attack being logged in the router from an external class A address (whois showed IANA-IP-ARIN or w/e internet backbone people)

Thu Dec 17 23:22:11 2009 1 Blocked by DoS protection

Anyway that's pretty constant and I can't see how its causing my http requests to get blocked/fail.

When it stops working every http request it seems fails all over the www... slashdot, msn, google, everyone...

Also I can shutdown and restart the wlan interface on slack and this doesn't fix it, running or restarting dhcpclient on the wlan interface doesn't work either... but restarting the router does fix. A full reboot of slack without restarting the router will not fix.

Wondering if anyone else has encountered the same issue... I think this has sorta happened to the windows box's here too but they sorta fail more gracefully and recover without a restart of the router

bartonski 12-18-2009 08:16 PM

This smells like a router issue to me. I would google around for the model number on your Belkin router, and see if there are known issues with the router locking up under prolonged heavy load. Also check to see if you have the most recent firmware on the router.

You might also see if OpenWRT or Tomato will run on your router (gotta be careful not to brick the router though).

flayzernax 12-19-2009 08:37 PM

Ya - firmware is the latest (but I doubt the greatest its an old router), I have had it run pretty stably for hours at at time so I'm sure its the router or something else triggering the router to go down on the network or get stuck in a funny state.

It just never was such a nuisance before I noticed on my Slackware box. Probably has to do with throughput. Been stable now though while running a torrent and an audio stream from So I'm going to blame it on WoW on the windows box =) lol. Anyway I'm going to get around to lookin for specific belkin issues. Thanks for the response.

nimnull22 12-19-2009 09:07 PM

If it exist in your router, try to decrease TOTAL amount of connections, some firmware allows to do it.

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