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logicalfuzz 11-19-2005 08:20 AM

automounting with autofs not working..

i share /nfsdata in sun thru NFS. Then i mount it on earth with

mount -t nfs /mnt/nfs_share
This works and i can see contents of on /mnt/nfs_share

Now i unmount the /mnt/nfs_share and try to configure automounting it.
The auto.master entry (on earth) i added is

/mnt/nfs_share                                /etc/auto.misc
and the auto.misc entry (on earth) is

nfs          -fstype=nfs,ro,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,intr        
Then i do,
service autofs restart
service autofs reload (i wasn't sure which of the both to run, so i tried both..)

nfs partition is not mounted yet.
what is the correct way to do it?

tuxdev 11-20-2005 05:11 PM

It mounts it when you try to access the nonexistent /mnt/nfs_share/nfs

jtshaw 11-21-2005 05:41 AM

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