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mnoorman 05-22-2004 03:30 AM

Automatic startup SAMBA during boot
As a total newbie to linux I try to set-up a simple home-network server using SuSE 8.0 as distribution.
So far I got the system running; and managed to install Samba as a file server for my other two Windows XP machines. I can access the configured shares at my linux machine, so this is all working fine as a basic setup.

However, I was not able to find a way to get the Samba deamons to start directly during boot. Right now I'm starting Samba manually using the "rcsmb start" command in bash.

Is there an easy way to put the Samba deamons in the startup scripts of SuSE?
I already tried the runlevel editor in yast2, to start the service, but couldn't find the functionality over here.

Anyone has an idea? Tnx already!:)

mritch 05-22-2004 03:51 AM

you have to tell init (type "man init") to run samba at startup. this should be easily (automatic) done, but i don't know about this in suse.
there are folders which say what do to in different runlevels in you /etc. they might be called rc#.d and do start (S#) or stop (K#) processes (daemons too).
have you looked at the suse support db? www.suse.(com?)

sl ritch.

rddreamz 05-22-2004 08:59 AM

hi, you can try samba sutomatically by executing this command as root
#chkconfig smb on
#chkconfig nmb on

all the best.

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