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neranjana 07-01-2004 04:33 AM

Auto mounting Linux smb share on Windows at startup

This is a question that really should go to something like or something.

My problem is, I have a Linux server. It has a few smb shares. I want some programs (services) in one of the windows servers to access these shares. That is possible by mapping the linux share as a drive in windows. But the problem is if the windows server reboots, the shares are not available till somebody logs in. Even if we use the shares without mapping to a drive letter, like \\MyLinuxServer\MyShare, then the windows machine wouldn't have access to the Linux share because the Windows machine doesn't have a user name and a password. Is there a way to enable programs that starts automatically as services in a windows machine to gain access to a shared directory in Linux?



zatriz 07-02-2004 06:56 PM

You can create a batch file ie linux.bat
Put the file in your startup group so that it runs every time the computer starts up
In it use the "net use" command to map the network drive make it persistent if you want
or just set the drive up to reestablish the connection when you logoff there the checkbox for that when you map the drive

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