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jahm 06-21-2003 05:31 AM

ARtem wireeless card PCMCI/laptop mandrake
got a ARTem pcmci wireless eth. card, trying to set it up in mandrake,
documentation with card says that can be installed with suse and wavelan2_cs,
this mandrake version has a wavelan_cs,
now... how to?

sidboyce 06-21-2003 05:56 AM

Have a go with Mandrake Control Center ---- Hardware, then Networking/Internet menues and see what you get.

jahm 06-21-2003 07:00 AM

yep, i have tried the mandrake control center.
i have installed a eth0pcmci card working fine now, now i want the wireless one, .... plugin, doesnt recognize, ok, the reboot, pcmi out, wireless card in, control center..... no eth card now!!!

and now?

jahm 06-22-2003 08:11 AM

CASE: wireless card is not working
STATUS: (closed)
DIAGS: the wireless card seem not to be auto recognize
TRIES: configure trying to use wavelan_cs or wavelan2_cs drivers,
wich were the compatible described in the card docs.
wavelan_cs was present, the card was founded but unable to configure
wavelan2_cs was not present, tried to download and recompile with
no success
founded that the wavelan_cs change the name to orinoco drive
there are 3 types of orinoco driver,
the orinoco_cs is the one suppose to be compatible for the PCMCIA cards.
with mandrake config tool, they appear just pci, pls and plain
chosed that last but didnt work, no more options here.
modified /etc/pcmcia/config
device "orinoco_cs"
class "network"
module "hermes", "orinoco", "orinoco_cs"
card "ARtem Onair PC card"
version "ARtem", "Onair"
bind "orinoco_cs"

edit config.opts
# Options for WaveLAN/IEEE driver (AccessPoint mode)...
module "wavelan_cs" opts "station_name=MY_PC"

edit wireless.opts

#Lucent Wavelan IEEE (+Orinoco,RoamAbaout and Elsa)
#Note : wvlan_cs driver only , and version 1.0.4+
# for encryption support
INFO="ARtem Onair Comcard Settings"
# Network SSID
# Valid Seting are "Managed" or "Ad-Hoc"

mandrake config too to configure network,
all ok
reboot, (ATP)

close of the failure 21060321:00
outage duration: 2 days
solution duration: 12hrs.

i have post in some of this forums couple of questions with no successfull help, ashamed of those gurus wannabie!
hope my solution help someone!

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