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meeshka 07-14-2003 08:01 PM

Apache .htpasswd use windows authentication?
I am looking at setting up an intranet server, running Linux, Apache and Samba in a Windows domain. I want to restrict parts of the intranet site with .htaccess/.htpasswd files.

My question is, is there a way to automatically authenticate users based on their Windows username/password. In other words, instead of the 'Enter Network Password' dialog box coming up when trying to access a restricted page, users are allowed/denied access based on their windows username?

Sort of like Samba running in 'Domain' mode where it passes authentication to a Windows Domain Controller.

bastard23 07-14-2003 10:14 PM


YMMV, I've never used it :) Don't know how secure it is. Or if anyone uses it.

Have fun,

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