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GraemeK 08-25-2003 12:58 PM

am i missing something in sendmail/bind?

I got email and dns working fine now.

my windows 2000 machines look to 2000 server dns because of all this active directory stuff. because i dont want all my machines to be on 24/7 i used a fake domain on 2000 and configured bind for my real domain for use with sendmail.

i entered a dns entry for reverse dns for my 2000 client.

when i send an email i see the following in the message headers...

Received: from xxxxx ( [xxxxxxxxx] (may be forged))

whats the "may be forged" suggest? is that a sendmail normal warning or do i have a config error?


exodist 08-25-2003 05:28 PM

look online for example configs and lesser known options, I had a lot of trouble my first time configuring sendmail (after 5 years of linux 3 weeks ago was my first time in sendmail) there are options to configure everything. security mainly has a on of options and it is hard to deal with at times to make it just what you want and not something so secure you can't use it even with all the "keys"

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