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bunghole 11-04-2001 09:01 AM

Alcatel frog & MDK 8.1 - Chris, you out there?
I've bitten the bullet and installed MDK in an attempt to get ADSL working. The installer all seemed ok but when I look in pppoa2.log I see:

PPPoA2 version 15082001
Log started on Sun Nov 4 13:43:16 2001

* pid=2535 * : I'm the parent process, I handle the endpoint 0x07
* pid=2538 * : I'm the children process, I handle the endpoint 0x87
< pid=2535 > [Sun Nov 4 13:43:17 2001] Error writing to usb
Reason: Invalid argument
[root@firewall log]#

I'm guessing that means the os isn't talking the the mdm? ;-) Problem is I don't know what to do about it. Chris, you've advised me in the past - do you know how to approach this one?

Cheers..... BH

acid_kewpie 11-04-2001 12:45 PM

Wow, that's twice someones used my name in their title... asuming you mean me of course...

but erm.. fraid not, i only know about what i actually have done, and i'm sadly stuck down in POTS country, sorry.

do you know if the modem has actually been recognised by the system? i've lttle experience of usb either... but there's a program i had called.. erm... usbview i think, that can display your usb dev tree. yeah, on the mandrake cd's. that's if it's not finding the device... after that....

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