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crnchyfrog 06-05-2005 10:44 PM

adding second router to existing network
I have a netgear wireless router in one room and a linksys wirless router in a second room.

The netgear wireless router has a ip address of and has DHCP enabled in the range of - 50. And is connected to the internet via adsll

I want to add the computers in the second room to the existing network using the linksys router. Can they be in the same subnet of 192.168.0 ? Can those computers use the netgear router to get a DHCP assigned IP address?

I have the choice of setting up they Linksys router as a gateway or a router. I know I have to choose router.

When I had the connection setup as such: it didn't work.
Linksys Config:

The destination IP address is:
The subnet is:
The gateway is:

When I had the connection set up as:

The destination IP address is:
The subnet is:
The gateway is:

I could get onto the internet, but not see my internal network.

Do I have to set up a static route on the Netgear router to see my linksys router?

Matir 06-06-2005 11:51 AM

If you have multiple routers, you will always be having trouble seeing an internal network as they will segment the network off from each other. Why do you need multiple routers? Using the linksys as a gateway is far more likely to work, if you really need the second access point.

crnchyfrog 06-06-2005 08:19 PM

Why does everybody say that? The reason for this was because the wireless on the netgear was flakey, so i wanted more reliable wireless access and because the 2nd room had more computers than ethernet jacks. I could have gone out and bought a switch, but i already had the Linksys router on me. that gave me what i was looking for (wireless access point) and 2 extra ports. I disabled the wireless on the Netgear router and used the wireless from linksys.

I got it to work as an access point.

For it to work as a wireless access point:
I changed the settings of the Linksys Router to have a
static IP of
gateway (netgear router IP)
DHCP is disabled (all clients get their ip from the netgear router)

I also gave the Linksys a Local IP address of (as the router could have 2 ip addresses.)
then I changed the router setup from "gateway" to "Router"
Enabled RIP
I created a static route under advanced settings.
Desination LAN IP was (this is key) it cannot be
default gateway

I connected a cat5 from the netgear router (which was going through another switch) to a REGULAR port on the linksys. The WAN port or UPLINK port on the linksys is not being used.
I could then connect to the entire network without any problems and access the internet.

This following webpage had info on what i was looking for.

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