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Simon_T 06-04-2006 06:58 AM

Adding hostname and IP address to DNS for sendmail ip lookup
I completly messed up my sendmail config, so I removed it completly and reinstalled.

Now when I follow some instructions from

I`m told that the first thing to do is "get all the DNS issues straight" then it goes on to say that I need to "add the hostname and IP address for the new e-mail server to your DNS server" and then use "nslookup -sil mymailservername"

I don`t have any experience with setting DNS on Linux so can anyone explain how i can add the correct dns records to internally resolve mylocalmailserver.mylocaldomain into its ip address and also I think I need the reverse DNS setup aswel.

The whole purpose of all this is to set up a local mailserver that downloads all our accounts from our webhost and then we connect to our local mailserver and check emails.

Hope someone can help,


Simon_T 06-04-2006 07:30 AM

I`ve got part of the solution, my firewall, (different pc) was serving the dns so first i had to change the dns resolution in /etc/resolv.conf to nameserver and now i get a different error, this time its "** server can`t find mymailservername: SERVFAIL

Any ideas about this?



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