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bafraid2b1 01-20-2003 07:35 PM

Acessing a VPN in RedHat 8.0 w/Netgear MA401 Card
My question involves accessing a vpn using a wireless card. I have a ThinkPad T20 running RedHat 8.0 and a Netgear MA401 wireless card. I cannot access the vpn at my scholastic institution while using this card, as the cisco software provided does not seem to recognize my wireless card. Also the documentation with this software is poor and is of no help. I could not use the RedHat configuration utility to set up the card as the distribution does not have the appropriate drivers. I had to manually install the drivers from the linux-wlan project in order for the card to work. I do know that the card does work, I have a wireless access point in my room which I can use with success. Has anybody accessed a vpn using a wireless card in this manner before? Any help would be appreciated.

coryliv 01-28-2003 07:50 AM

I don' t know about redhat 8.0 but here is a link for 7-7.3 drivers.

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