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Ůmegaflops 07-16-2002 07:46 PM

accessing a windows box from linux
I have linux redhat 7.3

and I have samba installed.

I can access the samba server from my windows box via network Neighborhood

how do I access my windows machines from my linux box?

chens_83 07-18-2002 12:31 AM

you can use
smbclient -L "ip address and share" to have a look
or you can simply mount the windows share onto a part of the linux fs by using mount

dorward 07-18-2002 05:59 AM

Other alternatives include using Konqueror (smb://hostname/) or LinNeighborhood (graphical program to see available shares and mount them for you)

LinuxHaven 07-26-2002 02:20 AM

In Nautilus (at least the one included with RH 7.3), type "smb:". You will be presented with a computer listing.

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