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savimonty 04-23-2005 01:03 AM

About connecting myself to the n/w
Hey ppl,
Can someone help me...
I am a novice to linux...
I am having windows XP and Fedora 2 installed.
I also have an internet connection provided by sify via a 10mbps lan connection through a cat5 cable.

If i select FC2 from Grub and boot up and :
>> I ping to my gateway from terminal.
>> Reply: Destination Host Unreachable

If I select windowsXP and:
>> Reach the login page
>> Reboot from here itself.
>> Reboot.
>> Again boot FC2.

Now I AM ABLE to ping to my gateway positively.

Y does this happen, that i have to atleast reach the windowsXP login page so that i can connect to the n/w through FC2 on the subsequent Boot?

I need a solution because i want to get rid of winXP!

Thanks a whomsoever helps me!!


TigerOC 04-23-2005 03:25 AM

Please could you give a clear explanation of how the network is laid out. I am not sure whether you are talking about multiple boxes or a single dual boot box here. You need to show the connections from the isp ->?router ->? and also the kind of networking provided by the isp. We have seen some examples from Asia where the isp is issuing private addresses to their users.

savimonty 04-23-2005 05:36 AM

about the same
well i don't exactly know about how my n/w is laid out .... but will soon let you know about it

But this is a dual boot system.

At present i can only tell you about how i configured my n/w connection:

I just had to create an ethernet connection and specify my private IP ... no DHCP!
Also i had to specify a gateway IP and DNS servers' IP

Now Sify has provided me with an executable with which i can connect to their SAM server.

I guess this won't have to do anything with my n/w configuration....Maybe...i'm not sure...

But i guess it has got to do something with windows .... in other words windows is able to successfully connect and linux at first boot is not....

I don't know how to explain this...but i'll try

Basically i asked this to someone from IIT, he says that windows is fiddling with my BIOS....but then if so, how am i able to connect with when i reboot from windows.

Now if i turn my m/c off for abt 1/2 a day and i directly boot i am unable to connect

So what i do is ... reboot and startup winXP...i reach the login pg and i reboot from here!! i don't login to winXP....!

Now when i boot FC2 i AM ABLE TO CONNECT...!!! This is very wierd!!!!

This means whenever i want to use my n/w in Linux i have to go to windows atleast once!!!!

I hope this wd give you somewhat an idea of what i am facing!!

Well sooner or later i will surely provide you with my n/w arch!!

Thanks a lot!

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