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Bob62683 08-29-2004 01:19 PM

8139too device eth1 does not seem to be present
i have a thinikpad notebook, 2 nics(pcmcia dlink and onboard) and trying to make a firewall(gonna be between router and cable modem) i making this firewall just to make it as experience

redhat 9.0

this is the message i get on boot up for my eth1 interface followed by a "device doesnt seem to be present".. i log in as root, type ifconfig eth1 and it gives me all the info on eth1(ie dlink card)

i type ifconfig and it doesnt even show eth1, modules.conf shows alias eth0 e100 alias eth1 8139too

is tehre a way to get eth1 to be [ok] on boot up? kinda new to linux and this si my first firewall/dual nic install... if i could just get this 2nd nic to work id be well on my way

any help is greatly appreciated... thanks

let me know if anyone needs more info than what i supplied

Bob62683 08-31-2004 08:20 PM

any suggestions?

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