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helx 05-15-2019 04:32 AM

Recover data from broken android phone
Hello everybody!
I've been having a problem for some time and I am trying to fix it.
I have a phone, more specific a Huawei P9 Lite 2017 and I broke my touchscreen and my display.
The phone still works, but i can't see anything, nor use the touchscreen.
My problem is that i am trying to recover my contacts from this phone and I mean the ones that are stored in the internal memory.
With the phone turned on, when i connect it via usb cable, my operating system recognise it, but I cannot access any of the files because it connects to "charging" mode, not even in "mtp" mode.
Also, the phone doesn't have USB Debugging mode enabled and I don't have a backup stored somewhere else.
I tried using mtp-detect on my linux and it gives me a lot of information about the phone, but with one error: Error 1: Get Storage information failed.
My question is if there is any way to recover the contacts from the phone, and how to do it.
Any help is appreciated.

tyler2016 05-15-2019 05:59 AM

Have you considered replacing the screen? You can probably buy a new screen for less than $50. I'd be surprised if there isn't a youtube video walking you through the procedure. You will probably also have to buy an inexpensive tool kit and a heat gun.

helx 05-15-2019 12:04 PM

@tyler2016 I did thought about replacing the broken pieces and i do know that is not expensive.
I didn't do that though, because, due to the fall that phone took, it bent a little, so i am not sure exactly if it's even possible. Even if it is, i will not use that phone in the future, that's why i was trying to recover those contacts.
But now, I'm pretty sure that repairing it seems the only available option to recover the data I need.
Thanks for you reply, I really appreciate it!

ondoho 05-18-2019 05:51 AM

Have you tried this.
Most of the results are just scam software BS sites, but there might be 1 or 2 useful results.
Good Luck.

westernira12 05-18-2019 12:55 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. It really helpful for me.

Ktasy 06-11-2019 09:06 PM

That is why backing up Android phone is so important.

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