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jlinkels 06-01-2009 05:37 PM

Nokia N810: Opera and Memos
When Nokia developed the N810 they diverted from Opera as browser and installed a (I think) Mozilla clone.

Although the rendering engine is very good, and even multimedia is implemented well (Flash, audio) I am not happy with the browser. It hangs often, refuses often to maximize or go back to windowed size, and is slow. As matter of fact is is so slow that I am almost continuisly wondering if the browser is slow, or is hanging. The hanging IS a problem, too many sites stop responding. And the slide bar is annoying, only when all elements on the page are loaded the slide bar can be activated. And the browser is real slow so it takes forever before I can scroll down a long page.

My favorite browser has been Opera for years anyway. However, on the Opera site I can't find Opera for Mobile or Opera Mini for OS2008. Is there a special version? Should I be able to find it at Can I download and install the Debian .deb version, or will I get stuck in the dependecies? Summarizing, how do I install Opera, if possible at all?

Second question, in my Palm I had a memo application. A long list of memos which could be opened individually. The serach function allowed me to search through ALL memos. What is the best alternative on the N810?

I installed maemopad+, but I am far from happy with it. The tree structure is OK, but once you made choice about document format (text, drawing, etc) you can't change it. Memos are not searchable which is the largest disadvantage. In addition, the memo files are binary which prevent me from proper importing documents, or sharing between computers.
I have seen various notepad applications which would be fine, but I prefer no to search with command line grep to find something. Not that I don't like command line, I don't like it on the N810, mainly because the abominable keyboard and the space bar you have to press on both sides.

Any suggestions?


mjolnir 06-14-2009 02:47 AM

I am "bumping" this thread because with the arrival of my MiFi2200 personal hotspot I am thinking of getting an 810 and opera is also my favorite browser. Any info out there?

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