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DDukesXXX 09-14-2018 10:07 PM

It boggles my mind how these Apple iphones get more expensive each year
I never owned an iphone because they are a bit expensive even for the lower end models.

Anyway, apple announced their XS series. The retail prices for the iphone XS Max with 64/256/512gb storage are $1099, $1249 and $1449 respectively.

Jeez, you can buy a new laptop or desktop with a new printer at those prices.

Has the sales of apple computers and tablets have stagnated to the point where apple needs to justify the high price of these phones?

ondoho 09-15-2018 04:05 AM

i was going to say "Inflation, or dollar exchange rate", but these prices are steep!

i do not follow the trend, but i always thought the new models come in starting at ~700 euros.
which is much more than i ever paid for a single piece of hardware.

BW-userx 09-15-2018 07:26 AM

greed, apple made trillionaire, maybe they are now working on the next run of that greed ladder leading them downwards into the pits of hell.

as selfishness for profit is already in there they game plan Jobs put that it there. example, you can only use there stuff with there stuff, they try their hardest to keep it that way. where as Windows marketing is, installs on any PC per CPU type instructions. MAC OS has to be on an apple "CPU".

Android, you can install apps to give the phone a different look,
Apple is paying thousands of dollars to people so they cannot give that ability to owners of their iPhone. to prevent Jailbreaking.

develop an app for the apple iPhone, got a have an apple PC and Apple OS and Apple this and Apple that.... apple apple apple, everything has to be from an apple, the same said fruit that brought about the down fall of mankind. think about it.

Mill J 09-15-2018 07:40 AM

Who in his right mind would spend that much on a phone? How could somebody even reason that they could get their money's worth out of it? Of course some people live on their phone so I guess it's cheap for life support.

When it comes to development, Android is a huge pain. But it's nothing compared to the loops and hoops of developing for Apple devices.

All this is typed from a cheap refurbished Samsung Core Prime.

hazel 09-15-2018 09:58 AM

Surely the high price is what makes Apple "cool". Using an iPhone in public is a way of saying: "Look what I can afford!". It's the modern version of conspicuous consumption. And the more expensive it is, the better that works.

ondoho 09-15-2018 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by hazel (Post 5903675)
Surely the high price is what makes Apple "cool".

as simple as this.
reminds me of preschool kids who want to show off that they can read numbers.
they look at a page of advertisments together, and invariably point their sticky fingers at the most expensive device and say "I want this one because it's the best!"

around where i live kids usually get their first smartphones when they start going to school.

masinick 09-15-2018 03:00 PM

I will acknowledge that Apple almost always has high quality products. The I series of products: iMAC, iPhone, iPad, etc. (I may not be using correct capitalization here) are certainly intelligently marketed and also of respectable quality, often exceptional quality. Because of the combination of effective marketing coupled with solid features, materials, and manufacturing, Apple is one of the few companies to offer quality at or near the top of the industry in nearly every product category, and therefore they are able to charge premium prices.

Personally I value choice, low price, and a reasonable combination of value, price, and quality over top ratings in every category and software freedom (GNU and Linux style) are of even more importance to me, so I've never seriously contemplated purchasing an Apple product.

I have used a pretty current Apple laptop, iPad and iPhone because the family where I've been staying owns Apple products in nearly every category. Even the "old" stuff holds up pretty well. The laptop seems heavy for it's size, but it does impress with high quality. If I could afford a similar spec machine or put Linux on it instead of Apple products, I think I could make it perform more to my liking, but I want to be fair; the stuff I've tried is excellent in many ways; it's just not my preferred software.

frankbell 09-15-2018 07:59 PM

I think this cartoon from the Las Vegas Sun sums it nicely:

Once you enter the walled orchard, it is very difficult to escape.

DDukesXXX 09-17-2018 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by frankbell (Post 5903881)
I think this cartoon from the Las Vegas Sun sums it nicely:

Once you enter the walled orchard, it is very difficult to escape.

Sooo true...

People just love giving their money to Apple just for a few hyped up features. :rolleyes:

ondoho 09-19-2018 11:53 PM

maybe this has something to do with the trade war
USA vs. China

fatmac 09-20-2018 04:01 AM

Always have been way over priced & locked in, it's for idiots to throw their money away at.

When I see people using Apple products, I just think "What a prat, paying all that money for something you can buy for about a third the price, idiot!". :D

timl 09-20-2018 04:34 AM

A lot of people over here get 2 year plans which gives them the phone for "free". That is free as in AUD$90/month for 24 months (unlimited talk and text!!!!!!). I guess the plans just got more expensive

DDukesXXX 09-20-2018 05:53 AM

In 2020, I wouldn't be surprised their iphones will reach the $2500-$3000 price tag :)

ondoho 09-21-2018 12:44 AM

vaguely on topic:

Reziac 02-20-2019 05:43 PM

Been croggled by that myself. Especially since (this is insider info) the durn things only cost about $38 to make. Apple's walled garden gives me hives anyway.

I use a retard flipphone (it's not even up to the level of dumbphone) that cost $12 bought outright, tho it's locked to Verizon prepay (but that can run as little as $5/mo.) Replacement battery is $5 and takes 30 seconds to install. And it won't get busted when I'm working in the barn.

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