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cryptision 08-21-2010 03:29 PM

How will the Oracles Java License affect the delvik vm and me developing for Android?
I just notice when installing jdk updates that Java is no longer under the GPL. (I thought back in 2006 Sun released Java or parts of Java under GPL license.) Oracle is now sueing Google because of the Delvik Virtual Machine. Can a company revoke a gpl license? How is this going to affect the openjdk project? I've checked everywhere on the and can not find any reference of a gpl. I know back in November of 2006, Sun made big news about opening most of Java's platform to the GPL. What gives.

On a side note,I think this post should be in > Forums > Non-*NIX Forums, but could not post there for some reason.

MS3FGX 08-21-2010 03:50 PM

According to Google, the Devlik VM was reverse engineered and is not based on any existing Java code; so the license used for the official Java VM is of no consequence. The lawsuit is more about the fact that Google has developed their own alternative to the official Java VM and is now making a lot of money off of it without Oracle getting a cut. Oracle is now hoping to get in on some of that money by arguing Devlik infringes on their intellectual property. I imagine Google is going to end up settling with them and handing over some cash, they don't want to endanger Android's growth right when it is taking off.

As for how this would effect Android developers, I don't see that it has any direct impact at all. Your code will remain licensed however you wish.

cryptision 08-21-2010 03:56 PM

So basically, Oracle = another SCO. I see this getting real ugly. MySQL is also another of my concerns as it was also a Sun product.

jay73 08-21-2010 04:59 PM

I don't think the jdk was ever released under the GPL. More likely under another open source license. I'm sure it would have been included in Red Hat / Fedora if it had been GPL.

I do wonder about the implications for something like the openJDK. Is it safe or only until it becomes "too successful"?

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