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mohtasham1983 03-13-2009 10:22 AM

Having trouble running Android emulator on Arch Linux

I tried to install Android emulator on my Arch Linux machine by following the instructions at their website. I'm also trying to install ADT eclipse plugin for android as well.

The problem that I'm having is that the binary files which I are included in the Android under the tools directory cannot be ran on my computer. I did the same thing on my ubuntu laptop, and I was able to run the emulator by issuing ./emulator command.

./emulator tells me that no such file or directory.

I think the problem is with the openjdk6. The other day I was trying to install KDE and one of its application was complaining about Sun JDK, so I uninstalled it. After a few days of working with KDE, I decided to uninstall it. That is, I uninstalled openjdk6 again and installed Sun's JDK to see how things work.

I think when I installed openjdk6, something remained on my system, so that I doesn't let me run Android emulator.

Note that, my Arch Linux is the 64 bit edition.

Was anyone else able to get Android working on 64 bit systems?

Thanks in advance.

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