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LinuxEM64T 10-07-2012 12:18 PM

Fedora ARM installation on Galaxy Tab 10.1
Hi everyone,

Would anyone know how to install Fedora 17 ARM edition on a Samsung GalaxyTab 10.1, rooted with a 1.4 Ghz mod?

I've seen the Fedora or Ubuntu installs running on top of android with VNC, but they are too slow, and use too much resources.

Is it possible to wipe the tablet's contents and replace everything with Fedora (XFCE or MATE), and boot it natively?

I've tried to use that tablet professionally but Android just can't offer productivity of a real desktop OS.


JaseP 10-08-2012 05:26 PM

The desktop installs of Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc., for ARM, put the ARM OS over a stock Android Linux kernel. The kernels for these devices often have proprietary hardware drivers, and running a replacement kernel (built from scratch versus hacked together from a stock kernel) would break a lot of these devices' hardware support (like cameras, GPS, and graphics chipsets).

So, you might as well just leave the stock OS (or modified stock OS) intact. You stand a better chance of "bricking" your device if you try replacing the OS than getting the ARM versions of the distros running well on it (as an OS replacement, I mean). That said, what I've heard of was running ARM ports of these OSs using chroot,... not a VNC to another machine.

See here;
... for an example.

LinuxEM64T 10-09-2012 01:25 AM

Thanks Jase, will study this one closely.

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