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golddust 07-17-2011 05:36 PM

New user and can't get driver installed for my Brother printer
Wasn't sure whether to put this in Hardware are here in Linux Mint section, but here goes. I'm a new Linux user. Just installed Linux Mint onto my Gateway PC (dual booted with Windows 7). My problem is I can't get my Brother MFC-295CN multi-function network printer driver installed. The only instructions I found uses the Terminal - and this is where I'm really inexperienced. I downloaded the cupswrapper and lpr drivers. They are showing in the Firefox downloads window, but I have no clue where to find them. I also don't know what to type in the terminal window - the example given was too sketchy for a real beginner. Hope someone can help me. If worst comes to worst I can do all my printing on the Windows 7 side of my dual boot, but would rather not have to.

camorri 07-17-2011 06:45 PM


They are showing in the Firefox downloads window, but I have no clue where to find them.
In Firefox, click on Edit and then Preferences. You should get a multi-tab set of tabs. Click on the General tab. There is a section for Downloads. That will tell you where the downloads were saved to.
If you can not find them, there is a radio button for "Save Files To". If there is nothing displayed, pick a location. Click on the Browse button, and navigate to a directory somewhere you want to save files to. I suggest somewhere in /home/yourusername/whateverdiryoulike. Then you will know where to look for the files.

Once that is set up, download the files again. I have a Brother printer, although its a different model. Brother has instructions to help you install the drivers. Post back when you have the drivers downloaded, and in a location you can identify.

You will need the root password, or you can use the sudo command to install the drivers. You will still need the root password. Its not hard if you have the password. You would have set it up during installation.

golddust 07-17-2011 06:51 PM

OK, I found them. They are in my Downloads folder. Now what do I do. Don't assume I know anything, because most of what little I know I haven't used in over a year. Just getting back to using Linux again.

frankbell 07-17-2011 07:00 PM

What is the full file name for the downloaded drivers? That will help persons answer your question about how to install them.

Also, don't be scared of the terminal. It's not that difficult.

About dot com has a nice intro designed for newbies (we were all newbies once).

camorri 07-18-2011 07:43 AM

Good, you know where the drivers are.

Open a konsole, it may be called terminal. That is not a big deal as long as you have a command prompt.

Navigate to the download directory, using the change directory command. When you open a terminal, it will normally open in your users home directory. That will be /home/yourusersname/. If download is one sub-directory in, a 'cd download' will get you there.

If you want to verify file names, do a ls command. The files will be listed.

The command to install lpr driver is 'sudo dpkg -i --force-all (lpr-drivername)' Mint is a Debain derivative. So dpkg should do it. The sudo allow you to gain root privileges for one command. You will be prompted for root password; the one you set during install.

Now install the cups wrapper driver. The command is similar to the lpr driver.

'sudo dpkg -i --force-all (cupswrapper-drivername)' will do it. You have to enter the correct driver name for both lpr and cups wrapper driver.

The command 'sudo dpkg -l | grep Brother' will verify the driver got installed.

I didn't ask if you have cups installed. Before you begin, confirm cups is installed and running.

To confirm its running, run the command 'ps aux | grep cupsd' and press enter. If its running you will get some output that looks like this:


ps aux | grep cups
root 1712 0.0 0.1 52556 3344 ? Ss 08:13 0:00 /usr/sbin/cupsd -C /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
cliff 2129 0.0 0.0 6848 972 pts/0 S+ 08:32 0:00 grep cups
The first line is critical, note the user root, and the /usr/sbin/cupsd, that is the cups daemon running in the system.

If it does not show up, either cups is not installed ( most likely ) or it is not running. Check the package manager in Mint, and install if necessary. Post if you have cups problems.

You can find the instructions here -->

to install the drivers.

Once the drivers are installed, you have to configure the printer. In a web browser ( does not matter which one ) in the location bar, type http://localhost:631 and press enter. This will work if cups is running, it it is not, you will get a page not found error, and you need to get cups going.

Once you get the Cups page on the browser, there are tabs on the menu. Click on Administration. Click on Add Printer. You will get another screen to fill in. At this point you will get a series of screens to fill in. Most are straight forward. The critical(s) one will ask you the make of the printer, and then give you a list of drivers. The cups wrapper driver should be there, it may be a long list. Find it, select it. You should be done. Try a Print Test Page. It will work if everything is good.

Post your problems, with as much detail as you can manage. Remember we can not see what you are doing, so details help us.

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