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ancientscribble 12-25-2009 02:26 PM

mint 8 wireless limitations
I've got a little problem with my wireless.

My wireless connection with my recent install of Mint 8 seems to be limited by something.

The connection has acted very strangely, and I think it might have something to do with large downloads.

My thinkpad has 2 gigs of ram and runs smooth and fast except for this connection.

The connection either goes out or gets extremely slow when I try to download something. (I was downloading an iso of gnewsense)

Can you think of anything that might be inhibiting my wireless connection?
I know it probably has something to do with the OS because all my other machines have blazing fast connections.

As you can imagine it's pretty annoying to have your wireless go on and off and have to reboot a handful of times throughout the day. :(

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays or christmas or whatever! :)

I don't know if this helps but here you go!

Mint 8 Helena - Main Edition
CPU: Dual core Intel Core2 T7200 (SMP) cache 4096 KB flags (sse3 nx lm vmx) bmips 7977.96
Clock Speeds: (1) 1333.00 MHz (2) 2000.00 MHz
Graphics: Card ATI M56GL [Mobility FireGL V5250] X.Org 1.6.4 Res: 1400x1050@60.0hz
GLX Renderer Mesa DRI R300 (RV530 71D4) 20090101 x86/MMX/SSE2 TCL GLX Version 1.4 (1.5 Mesa 7.6) Direct Rendering No
Audio: Card Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller driver HDA Intel
Sound: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Version 1.0.20
Network: Card-1 Intel 82573L Gigabit Ethernet Controller driver e1000e v: 1.0.2-k2 at port 3000
Card-2 Atheros AR5008 Wireless Network Adapter driver ath9k
Disks: HDD Total Size: 100.0GB (19.8% used) 1: /dev/sda HTS721010G9SA00 100.0GB
Partition: ID:/ size: 88G used: 19G (23%) fs: ext4 ID:swap-1 size: 4.11GB used: 0.00GB (0%) fs: swap
Info: Processes 183 Uptime 1:01 Memory 600.6/2012.3MB Client Shell inxi 1.2

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