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glock356 11-26-2012 10:08 AM

LMDE installation from USB Failed

I am tryin to install LMDE - both version, Mate/Cinnamon and Xfce.
Downloaded ISO-s, cheksum OK - both ISO-s are downloaded via torrent.
First i tried Mate/Cinnamon, create live USB with Penndrive.
Boot OK to the screen where to select a action - i select Run Linux mint.
After this, there be a lot of warnings and notifications that something failed - displaying text is too fast to read exactly.
However, for a wery short time, desktop appears and there be a icon to install mint.
But when i hit this icon, only a window open with followed text:

Granted permissions without asking for password

The "usr/bin/live-installer" program was started with the privilegies of the root user without the need to ask for a password, due to your system authentication mechanism setup.

It is possible that you are being allowed to run specific programs as user root without the need for a password is cached.

This is not a problem report, it is simply a notifications to make sure you are aware of this.

And then, when i close this window - nothing, installation wont start.
I tryed then Xfce - the same happened.
What is the problem - maybee installing from USB?

The same USB stick was used for installation of Ubuntu based Mint versions and for many other Ubuntu based distros, allways created with Penndrive - there is no problem, only with LMDE.

jefro 11-27-2012 07:16 PM

Kind of hard to say.

I'd be tempted to try making a usb from within mint. Can use a virtual machine booted to the mint iso and no virtual hard drive. Then attach the usb to the vm and install. From there you should be able to use the usb as an installer usb.

I'd consider borrowing a usb dvd drive or add in a dvd drive.

Also grub4dos or grub maybe to boot to a iso image on the hard drive.

Can use network boot in a number of ways. See this maybe.

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