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1sweetwater! 06-01-2013 10:06 PM

LinuxMint15 Cinnamon 64bit trouble with cd showing correct date and time
LinuxMint15Cinnamon64bit trouble with cd showing correct date and time running as Live for install. Bios time set correctly I boot to DVD for install and Desktop time is 6 hours ahead IE 7:35pm June 1 2013 in bios shows as June 02 2013 1:35pm. Try to change settings but nothing gets it to correct time and date. Cinnamon dvd checks out ok and memtest is ok. Had similat 6 hour problem with previous 2 motherboards TA75M V.6.
Recently was toying with SanDisk 32 GB thumbdrive and was copying isos to it when copy was interrupted and computer rebooted. I removed the isos from drive. Main boot process was 30 seconds slower with bios screen showing 30 sec. before beep is heard and login screen is visible for 30 sec. before it will accept typing to login. It was after this that date time issues were noted... I first noticed date time issue on desktop and then next bios check and both places time was 6 hrs ahead.
Could the Sandisk copy and stop before done have corruted something? I'm clueless lost. Haven't yet tried Mint Mate 64bit but my bet would be it would not have this problem. This is the third motherboard and it functioned very well for about a month. Not sure if it was new as it came overclocked in some areas which I backed off. Suspicious I got the sam board back twice. Well if you have any suggestions it is appreciated.

Anonymouse52 06-01-2013 11:54 PM

Minor observation: "7:35pm June 1 2013 in bios shows as June 02 2013 1:35pm" is a difference of 18 hours... :)

1sweetwater! 06-02-2013 12:47 AM

Thanx, BIOS now shows 06/02/2013 04:29:37 while the Desktop says: June 1 10:39:37. Anything to be concerned about? I think someone before said that for desktop user it is fine to have difference between the two times. I was just concerned because sometimes the times were changing and whether I'd have to RMA this board. Should I even worry if desktop time is correct?

273 06-02-2013 10:38 AM

I take it you mean the desktop is showing 10PM? If so (and going by the fact the forum tells me you posted at 05:47) then your BIOS is correctly set to UTC*.
That being the case the way to sort out the problem with live discs is to tell them that your BIOS is set to UTC if asked and to ensure that you set the time zone to US Central time (or whatever it is correctly termed).

*I am in the UK so currently on BST which is an hour ahead of UTC and have the forum times set appropriately.

1sweetwater! 06-02-2013 12:18 PM

Thanx, my memory doesn't always seem to work very well when I want it to and too well at aother times.
I gusee another way to approach this is with this scenario:
I was going to upgrade from 14 Mint Mate to 15 Mint Cinnamon and after Cinnamon was loaded in DVD and running live I checked the time and date b4 install and freaked as it was almost a day ahead. So I commenced trying to tweak settings of the dvd time and date and also post on LQ.Org to find out if I was having troubles that needed correcting before installing. Dementia keeps me from formulating things correctly sometimes. Then as I'm answering this I'm wondering if it matters whether correct time and date are necessary for a good install as they may be corrected or reset later???

273 06-02-2013 12:26 PM

As I understand it you should not play with the clock settings at all before you install. Like I mentioned your BIOS clock looks to be on UTC which is correct*. When you come to install Mint 15 there should be a box to tick that your system clock is set to UTC and you just need to ensure that the box is ticked and, of course, select the correct time zone when asked also. That should be all there is to it.
Generally speaking in Linux systems you have your BIOS clock set to UTC* and when you set your time zone this provides and offset (in your case -6) which means the system will display the correct time. This is done so that things like daylight savings time or relocating the machine to another time zone will not cause issues with things like calendering and calculating elapsed times.

*There is another way of setting things up but let's not complicate things.

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