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jmc1987 01-13-2013 01:33 AM

Linux Mint LDE Works Great
I just want to share my thoughts about Linux Mint. I must say it is becoming a elegant linux right out of the box. It works great and easy to configure to get running out of the box.

My first install failed for some reason. Not really sure why. My computer screen went to sleep in my dvd rom stopped on the install waiting for my to put some input in some fields and I think that may caused and error. But 2nd round I payed attention and didn't let my computer set and the install went great.

Uppon installing first thing I did is install the distros prepacked nvidia drivers and I install nvidia-settings and nvidia-xconfig long with the driver as they didn't appear to install by default. Uppon reboot for the new driver to take effect my x server had failed to load due to miss configuration. So I ran nvidia-xconfig and pre generated a xorg.conf and was ablt to succuessfully able to start my xserver with nvidia running.

So far my computer idles at 500ish MB of Ram running the cinnamon desktop. I found both of Mints desktops right out of the box attractive. Mate desktop is forged of gnome 2 and cinnamon is forged off of gnome 3.

I can browse well play music, videos, flash. So I'm liking it so far.

As for performance I haven't really put it to the test yet but it does seem to run smooth and I expect it to perform well under pressure.

In the past I never really used Mint because I don't really like how a Mint was based on Ubuntu and then that is based off of debian. Which I felt it went through to many distros and I didn't like how some of the things that chronicle were doing to there distro. Now Mint is building straight of off debian testing I figured I could give them a chance and its looking great. As said it may have a few rough edges but I do believe any linux novice users can get Mint LDE Running with little help if needed.

Just wanted to share some input and give kudos to Mint LDE on their elegant distro.

TobiSGD 01-13-2013 11:51 AM

Nice that you have found a distro that suits you.
Just a few minor corrections: Linux Mint is still based on Ubuntu. It is just one edition that is based on Debian, the Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE).

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