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desertw0lf 06-28-2013 09:38 PM

Install Issues - Not Enough Memory to load specified image.
System Specs:
Intel Core2 Duo E8500
4 Gigs RAM
Dual Nvidia 9800GT
500 Gig HDD

When attempting to install Mint 15 from USB (trying to switch from Windows), I get the boot menu, and then whichever option I choose I get this error: "Not enough memory to load specified image" and then "Boot:" underneath it. After a few moments it switches back to the launch menu, and repeats itself.

I have read online where some people have to disable a "memory hole" option in their BIOS. I am running Phoenix - AwardBIOS 1.0.8 and there is no such option anywhere to be found.

I downloaded the ISO via torrent, and set up the thumb drive to boot using Pendrivelinux USB installer utility. I don't have a DVD burner on this system as it died and was never replaced. Just a regular optical drive at the moment.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

qlue 06-29-2013 06:17 AM

I'm not sure how to do it from Windows, but modern .iso file can be written directly to dvd or usb.
Perhaps try Image Writer as suggested here.

The utility you're using looks similar to unetbootin in that it tries to create a bootable usb flash drive from an iso file. This was needed before distibutors started shipping .img files. However, the .img files are now deprecated in favour of .iso files that can be used as .img files.

Writing the raw .iso image to a usb flash drive will turn it into a virtual optical drive that can be booted just like a live dvd.

From Linux, I use dd to achieve this.

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