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hoodooman 12-21-2009 05:32 AM

how do i enable root account in mint 8
Hi.I have just installed Mint 8 onto my wife's computer doing a fresh install.Previously She had Mint 7.I can't seem to find how to enable the root account.I remember when installing Mint 7 that it asked if the root account was to be enabled but in Mint 8 there was no such dialogue.Any ideas?Cheers.

Person_1873 12-21-2009 06:15 AM

firstly there is no need for the root account to be active in ubuntu or linux mint or any other linux distro that has sudo installed, but if you still need it for some completely unknown reason then this is how you might go about it

if you drop back to the command line and type

sudo passwd root
that will set the root password,

get back to me if you still cant login graphically

pierre2 12-22-2009 12:22 AM

also try -> all applications - users & groups.
the root user is there, but has no password.

unlock with your users pwd, & set either a manual pwd or the auto hi encryption version.

log-in as root & the pwd that you set ....

hoodooman 12-22-2009 06:02 AM

Thanks all.As I have been happily using the root account on my Slackware box for around 8 years without mishaps,I only want to enable what I am used to.That was the reason behind my question.

HunkirDowne 12-30-2009 06:19 PM

I realize this is considered solved, but would like to mention that an alternative to enabling the root account exists and should be considered. First, this (Mint8) is the first time that I have not enabled the root account and have not found a good reason to do so at this point. I'm a bit stubborn and have always thought it best to have root enabled. But I may be changing my mind. But I digress -- the alternative:

From Terminal $:

sudo su -
The above will allow you to become root until you 'exit'. Furthermore, this will use the root environment, which I prefer and consider "truly root". An alternative would be to not use the dash in which case you will have root power but using the environment variables for the user account from which this was launched.

Also, the only time I become root in Mint is to do a relatively large amount of administrative work for which prepending 'sudo' to the front of every command is toilsome and I sometimes forget to do so. But for the most part, using sudo is the way to go while in Mint. (The jury in my head is still out on what should be my practice whilst in Debian.)

BTW, I thought I had a graphics (or Evince) problem recently so I did a recovery boot and eventually felt compelled to drop to a root console. Not having enabled root -- that is, I never assigned root a passwd -- I was delighted to find that the admin password was considered to be the root password there. Upon returning to a regular session, I found that the admin passwd also passes as the root passwd so all one really needs to type is 'su -' to become root. But again I'm stubborn. ;-)

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