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ms_chevis 10-26-2012 04:33 PM

encrypt hard drive on linux mint 13
I just setup linux mint 13 on my laptop and intended to encrypt my home folder which is on a seperate partition but I guess I was not careful since when i boot the system it never asks for a password except for the log inusername and password. how can i now encrypt it?

I am somewhat familiar with linux and have been using Fedora from the first release up until gnome 3 but the Debian system is somewhat new to me.

frankbell 10-26-2012 10:18 PM

Truecrypt is a popular solution.

CafeNinja did a podcast about it:

NyteOwl 10-27-2012 08:22 PM

You can sue truecrypt, or you can use LUKS, you'll just have to backup any data and unmount /home before you enable encryption and then restore your data to the unlocked partition afterwards.

Also check you didn't create a keyfile and enable automatic unlock using crypttab.

ms_chevis 10-29-2012 05:23 PM

ok how do i check that i didn't create a keyfile and enable automatic unlock using crypttab.

ms_chevis 10-31-2012 06:45 PM


ms_chevis 11-06-2012 09:30 PM

any help from anyone?

ms_chevis 11-09-2012 03:50 PM

guess everyone is gone

frankbell 11-09-2012 09:00 PM

It's more likely no one here has the answer. The population that uses encryption is small, the percentage that are doing encryption on their own without having it set up by their IT Departments is even smaller, and the odds that someone who has run into this question and is also here on LQ are smaller still.

You could probably have more luck in the Truecrypt forums:

My guess is that, if Truecrypt is worth a darn, it would not create a keyfile without asking permission first.

ms_chevis 11-17-2012 07:31 PM

ya it seems silly to encrypt something and autounlock it

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