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raven 12-27-2003 05:10 AM

yaboot problem

I installed yaboot on my ibook g4. I am using gentoo linux (1.4 ppc)

i set up yaboot, as I should according to the yaboot install docs. seems to work fine, but when I boot, my cdrom gets adressed with hda, and my harddisk wit hdc!!! obvioulsy this messes up my yaboot config, where i assumed the harddisk to be on hda... so I get a nice kernel panic cos /dev/hda3 doesnt exist (cos its the cdrom) but his should be my harddisc...

what parameters do i need to append to the kenel so that my cdrom gets back where it elongs, and stays /dev/hdc ??? this has to work somehow, cos the gentoo livecd manges this too (form the livecd-s point of view, my hd is /dev/hda...)

besides, i use ide-scsi for the cdrom (and i also appended it to the kernel with hdc=ide-scsi)

thanks for everything



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