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gentoo2006 05-23-2006 06:10 AM

xp/gentoo dual boot , gentoo on usb external hard drive
Hi everyone, ive been trying to install this piece of software for a week now and i read through so many
posts here, learned so much from ur replies to other ppl and now i decided i need ur help too, i never had
any experience with linux till the last week when i decided to give it a try and learn as much as i can
about it, coz i feel microsoft is doomed and will not exist in the not-so-far-future, linux is the only
possible way to go and i think gentoo is by far the best distribution out there, so lets get down to
business, i wanna install gentoo on a usb external hard drive, this is what i did :

the computer im installing gentoo on is a hp-compaq nx8220 laptop, 3,06 GHz pentium-m centrino with 1 Gb
of ram, im installing gentoo on a WD 40 GB, external 2,5" usb hard drive, windows xp is already installed
on the internal hard drive

i boot with live-cd 2006 and choose gentoo linux installer gui version (theres a command line installer but im
a noob), on the first screen i check the "my network is already setup and running" option, the second
screen gives me some partitioning choices, i can select /dev/hda and /dev/sda from the devices menu, i
choose /dev/sda (my external usb hard drive) and click on recommended layout, it does all the partitioning
for me and it looks like this :

partition: /dev/sda1 -type: primary -filesystem: ext2 -mountpoint : /boot -size: 100 mb

partition: /dev/sda2 -type: primary -filesystem: linux-swap -mountpoint : none -size: 2022 mb

partition: /dev/sda3 -type: primary -filesystem: ext3 -mountpoint : / -size: 36032 mb

the next screen is network mounts, i skip that, on the next screen i choose stage 3 install with grp and
dynamic options checked, snapshot is already chosen on the next screen, i dont touch anything on the
make.conf screen except selecting my pentium-m processor from the proc: menu, on the kernel screen i
choose livecd-kernel and check the enable bootsplash option, on the bootloader screen i choose grub, check
the install in mbr option and choose /dev/sda from the "boot drive" menu
now all thats left is to choose my timezone, i skip the: networking screen, daemons, extra
packages,startup services, other settings and come to the verify root password screen, i do that and click
the install button on the next screen, its installing and this is what my install log looks like :

the install output gives me some errors though :

kk, install is complete and i log out, click restart and it comes to a stop , it wont restart so i have to
press and hold the power button so it can shutdown and i can start the computer again , this is what it
looks like when it stops dead :

so i restart the computer, set usb drive to boot first in bios, and this is what i get when i try to boot
gentoo off the usb drive :

and needless to say boot selection screen is completely unusable, i cant see shit :

so my good friends, any help will be appreciated:Pengy:

ludde 07-26-2006 04:06 PM

Helo !!

I been trough the exact same process / same setup with my shiny new 120g seagate usb drive.

Since you boot the USB drive grub wants a (hd0,0) instead of (hd1,0). I did the exact same mistake for days , thinking internal hd still would be counted as nr 1 , and usb drive as nr 2 (which it isnt :-). (Grub start counting from zero , to make it more intersting :-)

you can do a quick test , just reboot , and press "e" while at grub , and you can edit your root (hd1,0) to an (hd0,0) , and then press "b" , as instructed in the lower area of the screen.

If you are lucky and now get the kernel to load you may also get same stop as I'm currently.

Kernel loads but at the last step when it tries to mount my file system ,it fails.... :-(


dmz241 09-16-2007 11:55 AM

installing gentoo on external hd for another pc
Hey guys... I am complete newbie. I have a 550 mhz p3 sitting around I tried installing gentoo via gentoo livecd but it always freezes at 40/116. I wanted to know if there is a way I can install gentoo from my other system onto a usb hd disk and then just pop in the usb disk to run gentoo on that system. Additionally I am looking tomake that system into a router so any pointers on that would help also.


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