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dark_san_hola 09-30-2012 11:17 PM

Wireless driver on D270-1830 with fedora 15
Hi everybody, this is my first message on the comunity.
Iīm having lots of problems with my netbook Aspire one D270-1838, I installed my favorite distro, fedora, bus only F16 works.
It work, only the Wireless card didnt work, I got the driver it is from broadcom at this page
I followed the readme, but I got a problem that is causing me a headache.
when I run the make file it says /lib/modules/ No such file or directory. stop.
I have installed
- kernel-devel
- kernel-headers
- kernel-
- kernel-PAE-devel
And nothing it just donīt work

when I use the command
- ls /lib/modules/īuname -rī/build
It shows me the path in black with red letters, I have read that it means that the link is broken.

I donīt Know what more I can do >.<!

Does Anybody can give me some light on this?

John VV 10-01-2012 04:15 AM

??? 15 or 16 ???

you say fedora 16 BUT you installed fedora15 kernel (fc15)

if you DID force a fedora 15 kernel on fedora 16 -- you have a BIG problem

kernel- WAS the last kernel BUT you installed a earlier one
kernel- and a TESTING release candidate 1 version at that

fedora 15 is DEAD and unsupported
fedora 16 will be End of live SOON

so what issues are you having that is stopping you from using the current fedora 17

for a broadcom card you might want to search the Fedoraforum
-- possible ---

google site search

fedora 15 has NO support
there will never be any updates

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