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maspai 07-12-2012 06:59 AM

wifi fn key to load/unload wl module
i'm using salix on my acer aspire one 522 netbook. wl module (broadcom-sta) handles the broadcom wifi well, even the led. unfortunately, turning the led on/off by pressing wifi fn key (fn + f3) only turns on/off the led, not loads/unloads the wl module. i have checked result of lsmod after turning off wifi with the fn key, and wl was still there.
any idea how to - for example - create keyboard shortcut or else to directly load/unload the module? i used xev to check keycode of fn + f3, nothing displayed.
any help appreciated.

gapan 07-15-2012 04:35 PM

There is no such thing as auto-unloading a module. If you disable the device, it just won't work. If you enable it again, it will work, because you already have the module loaded.

If you really want to unload the module, you could bind the appropriate command to a keyboard shortcut, with the use of sudo and add that command to the sudoers file, so that it doesn't need a password.

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