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chachasotter 03-07-2009 01:51 PM

Wich Distribution is better (Functional) for a Macbook (Leopard)
Hi, i've just entered the forum because i decided to install Linux on my Macbook, righ now i have Windows XP with bootcamp beta installed, because the programs monopoly of windows (autocad, neodata, etc), i mention this becuase my HD is small, dont have space for another OS, my questions are:

1. Wich Linux is better for a macbook? // maybe someone already have it installed and working verygood.

2. Can i boot from a external hard drive Linux on the macbook? // If its possible, must be firewire or USB will do (the external HD)

What will i'll try to use Linux on, the main reason its to acomplish the dream of using Linux and have the Experience. The second reason but very important is im tired of using iWeb to host some pages for friends and groups im in, im sure Linux will be easy and FREE to do an easy (may not be so easy) use of webhosting doing just regular things, not fancy or awesome visual pages, just functional ones.

Thanks for the help anyone, if some one out there is working with macbook on Linux, help!
I'll be around to start downloading the Distribution you people suggest.

Sorry for my bad english.

pixellany 03-08-2009 09:45 AM

<<removed a comment that is no longer relevant>>

Welcome to LQ!!

Assuming you have an Intel-based laptop, I think any of the more popular Linux distros should be fine---take a look at the "hit list" at

And here is what Google says:

lukesc 03-09-2009 11:44 AM

CentOS is a very light weight linux for server environments, which is based on the Redhat flavor. Mac OS X is somewhat based on debian, so either debian or ubuntu might be a good choice.

Given that I haven't had a chance to install linux on my Mac Book natively (without a VM), I don't know how easy/difficult this would be.

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