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burninGpi 10-08-2007 01:27 AM

Why is my laptop battery working RIGHT?
Yes, you read the title properly -- my laptop's battery is working perfectly.

Almost a year ago, the laptop fell in a pile of snow. I've had to have it plugged in all the time. If I unplugged it, the laptop would flash the battery charging light (this model uses that to indicate that the battery has very little or no charge, or is not attached to the laptop), and hard shutdown. This made it impossible to re-calibrate the battery. Today, however, the battery lasted almost two hours before it shutdown. Does anyone know why this could happen?

kstan 10-09-2007 04:57 AM

I guess probably the problem come from the kernel. For some laptop which come with buggy bios, the kernel won't detect correctly and keep sending incorrect instruction to your hardware.

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