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abuser 08-09-2009 01:31 PM

which distro works best for wifi laptop
I have a satelitte 5205-S705 It wasn't working when I got it, it had windows xp and it would start booting up windows, then shut down over and over. A co-worker set me up with his computer repair man, and he had it for two and a half months, and finally told me it was a bad motherboard.that night, I installed ubuntu9.04 and it works great, so I guess it wasn't the motherboard. now I love linux, but I want something better. Something that will see my wifi on my laptop. And something that will see my cricket wireless usb internet A600. My interests are learning all secrets of computers and those awesome 3d cube browsers. I'm kinda new with computers but I'm a fast learner, so I'm looking for a new distro that I can try that wont totally stump me and help me learn the computer world.I thinking debian because the name sounds cool, suse looks interesting also want to learn to crack, but I was wondering If slackware will be too challenging at my current level. I dont really mind learning the hard way like everyone else,I just some help from someone that has the same interests as me.Even computer repair shops around here seem unknowledgeable I have been working with computers for one year, and I have 7 computers (4) that work,two monitors hooked to one and three home stereos , and 26 speakers everything I've done with a computer I had to learn myself, I want to learn every thing else I am tired of being a auto technician.I want to learn to be a computer tech. and get a job eventually. I really appreciate any help.I'm sure I'm on the right track with linux

repo 08-09-2009 01:52 PM

Take a look at
to see if your laptop is listed.


I thinking debian because the name sounds cool
That's another possibility to make a choice.

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