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Mikessu 10-26-2004 11:45 AM

What mobile phones do you use?
I'm thinking of buying a new mobile phone and I'd like to know what mobile phones you Linux users use and what are you're experiences with them? I've been thinking of buyng something like 6600 or Sony Ericsson K700i...
Should I prefer mobile phones with Symbian or are others also good? I would use mobile phone for listening mp3 and playing some games.

cosiek 11-01-2004 07:57 AM

Go Symbian!
I have a Nokia 6600. It works perfectly under Linux. I can mount the phone using NFS and I can access:

C: - 6mb memory
D: - ram
E: - memory card
Z: - rom

I can also make a GPRS connection using a ppp/chat script and I can remotely control my XMMS from the phone (really neat). I use a Sitecom bluetooth usb dongle and BlueZ.

A little OT: this Nokia has some 3D support and it really works in games. On Symbian you can install apps and games just like on a computer - thats why they call it smartphone :) The downside is that it has mono sound. If you want all the features of 6600 + stereo I say go with 6620 (I've heard that there are compatibility issues between the two phones though).

earcam 12-01-2004 07:15 PM

K700i is great, file transfer with USB/Bluetooth dongle is a piece of cake. Haven't tried to sync yet. The remote control is a windows app i think.

Only thing lacking on Sony Ericsson K700i is memory card and dedicated headphones jack. AV software is a little simple but quality is great. Otherwise a slick, classy and smooth functioning phone; and 41mb ain't bad.
(Early reports said the GUI froze but that must have been updated in a firmware release, mine was fine when purchased)

remotemate2003 12-05-2004 07:26 AM

nokia 6820 and 7210
I am using nokia 6820 and 7210 phones with linux. Main purpose being- GPRS to connect to the internet.

6820 is connected via bluetooth and 7210 via usb irda.

Process is fairly simple for bluetooth in Kanotix. Just run 'Modemlink' it detects the phone and creates a link to /dev/modem. I then use kppp to dial out.

Havent tried EasyGPRS and OpenOBEX yet, but easygprs is for creating gprs connection and openobex can be used to transfer files.

Good luck


marchywka 06-16-2005 05:12 PM

comments on nokia 6620 as gsm modem
I have a Nokia 6620 and a Debian system. I'm attempting to interface the phone as a GSM modem using USB.
Just wanted to see if you had any comments or thoughts. Is there anything in particular you would recommend or avoid? Ultimately I want to send SMS and MMS. I'm just now getting the tools together.
It makes a nice modem with the cingular connection manager on windoze 2k, should be interesting
on Debian.

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