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vasundhar 10-03-2004 08:05 PM

what is best OS for IBM centrino
I recently purchased a centrino R51 Its preloaded with XP
Please suggest which is best OS I mean which flavour or which release of linux
because I want a best operating system and
Renterprise is appearing little more expensive.
shall I go for fedora or REL?
please reply soon
I dont want to spend more time on windows

finegan 10-07-2004 06:24 AM

If you're inclined towards Fedora, its a solid distro to use... for the wireless aspect of the laptop, the driver isn't in the default kernel yet.

Almost certainly everything else is there... heck, Jeremy (LQ Jeremy), is running a T42 right next to me... right now, at LWE UK, on a stock FC2 install and he didn't have to do any monkeying.

Fedora Core 2 has a solid base with 2.6, you'll get all the ACPI support you need, and pretty much any current distro can do a centrino properly.



JaseP 10-07-2004 10:22 AM

You might want to try SuSE 9.1 Pro. It tends to I.D. hardware pretty well. Another solution might be using a distro like Knoppix, but chosing to install it to the HD, that'd keep your distro pretty small. Hardware detection in Knoppix tends to be top notch.

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