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zexter 09-06-2004 01:12 PM

using phlack on my lappy
a friend and i just downloaded phlack linux which if u dont know is suppose to be the ultimate hacking linux and its a cd running distro.

we found a neighbor up the street whom we can connect to useing wap (asuming we have permission;my own disclaimer)

would this distro be a good place to start using on our laptops and for hacking?

MachineScrew 09-08-2004 10:01 AM

using phlack on my lappy
Take care my young pad-a-wan with great power comes great responsibility.

Ok nuff with the movie shit. The only thing that makes this Live distro different than others
is that some of the defaults are different. such as by default FC2 and SuSE use the orinoco_cs driver (i think i spelled it wrong ...fuck it) for the Intrisill Prisim 2 cards where as this driver isn't compatible with kismet so I have read. any ways the best Linux OS is one that has all the major programing tools. Live distros are not as new as people think. I had one...........It came with a book called ..........Power Linux. It used OpenWin for the Window Mgr, and had TCL/TK config app. I didn't like it. But back to the point most hacker learn. If you where realy ballsy you would tell your neighbor that his network is wide open like a revolving door on a whore house. Show him how you found out that is was open and then show him how to close it. BTW tip tell him about MAC filtering offer to set it up for him for free, but at the same time add your MAC address to the allow list. ok I babbled to much

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