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philosophe 05-13-2005 04:10 PM

USB Flash Drive not recognized on Sony with Mandrake 10.2
Running Mandrake 10.2 on a Sony PCG-SRX77 Pentium III 800A-MHz-M
Adaptec USB2 Cardbus adaptor: works with a Maxtor external HD

But does not work when I plug in my Cruzer mini 256MB flash drive.

In fact, the flash drive seems to create problems. When I run Mandrakelinux Control Center -> Hardware and click on the Hardware icon the "Detection in Progress" window freezes--when I try to close it I get a "Window not responding" message. (The Hardware scan seems to work fine when I do not have the flash drive plugged in.)

And when I go to shut down the computer, it hangs up at the "Stopping Hardrake" stage and gives this message, "usb 5-1: control timeout on ep0in". One time I forced a shutdown by turning off the power [ :( ]. Another time, it eventually proceeded to shut itself down after repeating this error message many times.

Interestingly, about the time that the Hardware scan locks up the light at the end of the flash drive goes off...

The same thing happens if I plug the flash drive into the built-in USB1 port on the computer.


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