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jaslang 01-18-2009 11:38 PM

Trouble finding Component Specifications for Gateway T-6321
I have a Gateway T-6321 and when I run Kubuntu 8.10 on it I cannot get any sound at all. This includes the fact that there is no start up sound or shut down sound. I can live without these sounds but it also means I cannot play any MP3 files or CDs.

I have not been able to find out what audio chip set or audio card the machine uses so I don't know where to look for a driver for it. Gateway's web site is not helpful. Even Windows (Vista) gives no information about the sound hardware.

Help finding information will be greatly appreciated.


jaslang 01-19-2009 02:13 PM

Never mind.

It turns out someone had built a custom kernal for me while I was running Kubuntu 8.04 and the upgrade to Kubuntu 8.10 had not replaced it. The custom kernal did not include sound drivers. That is fixed now.


farslayer 01-19-2009 02:38 PM

Just a heads up for the future you can find out what hardware is in your machine by listing the various buses..

lspci - Most anything integrated in the motherboard, in a PCI, AGP, or PCI-e PCI-X slot
lspcmcia - Useful on a laptop for identifying pcmcia cards
lsusb - List devices plugged into USB. the usbview graphical viewer is nice as well..

The man pages for each of those commands will provide more info.

A couple other useful tools for identifying system hardware are dmidecode and the totally awesome lshw.

sudo apt-get install lshw to install this one on Ubuntu / Debian based systems.

I've actually used these tools to identify unknown hardware so I can find Windows drivers of all things..

enjoy !

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