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Odin5578 07-03-2006 02:06 PM

Toshiba Satellite A105-S2101 I need Help
Guys I've been wanting to get into Linux for a while and I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite A105-S2101 and I'm wanting to install Linux on it.

The problem I'm having is I've tried several different distros and all do the same thing.

I've tried:
Red Hat 9
Suse (I think 9 is older)

When I try to start them they all do well and then I click to install and they freeze. Except for Red Hat, Red Hat will begin installing but it says it doesn't detect my Harddrive.

Suse will just freeze while it's loading the installation files.

KnoppiXAMA and DSL both freeze at Hardware detection. What's going on? and is there any distro I can try that anyone knows will work on Toshiba Satellite A105-S2101.


michaelk 07-03-2006 03:09 PM

I would Try Fedora Core 5. It appears to have better support for sata.

FabreNZ 07-07-2006 04:23 AM

I have a Toshiba A100 (I'm not sure what specific variant it is), and I have yet to have any problems with Ubuntu. It installed perfectly, detected all of the hardware, and all I had to do was install the latest ATi drivers.

dad 07-19-2006 05:40 PM

I was looking at one of these laptops in Wal-mart and was wondering if Linux would run on it. So did you have any luck with it yet? I use Madriva 2006 .

dad 07-19-2006 09:50 PM

I went to to see if the a105-s2101 was on the list and it is not. However there are a couple other a105 models that have SATA and they did have linux loaded on them. I remember one had SuSe 10. I still would like to hear if you got yours working...

PBoyington 09-05-2006 11:22 AM

I had no problem installing Debian "testing" yesterday on this laptop. For this install I used a Linksys PCMCIA network adapter that I had on hand. Was told that I could have used the internal, but was too lazy at the time.

I tested the laptop initially with Knoppix (5.01) and it recognized pretty much all the hardware. From what I have read, I will be able to use madwifi drivers for the wireless. Will document the whole process and post it somewhere when I am finished.

chameleonic 09-06-2006 09:57 AM

Hi. You should be able to install Debian testing, Ubuntu 6.06 SUSE 10.1 without major problems. Try Ubuntu 6.06 + automatix first. You'll love it. All works except of 3D. I had even wifi out of the box. With SUSE I had problems with ATI video card that have been easily solved. All you need to do is to install vesa video drv first and then ATI drivers from their website.
Slackware, Debian Sarge, Mandriva didn't recognise HDD.
Look here

PBoyington 09-06-2006 01:16 PM

I currently have a mix of Testing and Unstable running on this laptop and have to admit that I am surprised at how well everything works. If I had actually planned the install I could have avoided these little annoyances. Oh well, better to charge ahead blindly...

I am using the Realtek NIC and am hearing that I will have good luck with Ndiswrapper for the wifi instead of using the Madwifi drivers. Still haven't looked at it closely to see what I will need to do there.

I am getting a "loop" when using the soundcard, but haven't looked at what ALSA driver loaded. Just need to see what Knoppix loads since I know the card worked there just fine. Should be a simple fix.

If I understand correctly I can use some non-free software (sl-modem?) to get the internal modem working. That is not confirmed as yet, but would be nice.

I had no problems with the harddrive and should mention that I use the current testing netinst cdrom for my Debian installations.

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