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atharapos 02-27-2005 09:08 AM

T42+system fan+Suse
hello i have just got a IBM T42 and installed suse 9.2 pro on it

everything is working great (wireless and all) except the system fan which wants to run at full speed and is very noisy.

i have tried the power management thing in yast but its not working and is curently being reinstalled to see if that will do anything

does anyone kno anything about this laptop and its fan with SuSE 9.2?

abisko00 02-27-2005 09:37 AM

There are several boot options to tweak your systems powermanagment (actually they all reduce the full functionality, but somtimes this helps):

Have a look at the kernel messages during boot (var/log/boot.msg) to see if ACPI returns error messages.

Maybe it helps to replace the powermanagment daemon powersaved by acpid (can be done via Yast). Note that you shouldn't run them in parallel.

And there are great sites about linux on laptops:

And this site seems to be most interesting:

atharapos 02-27-2005 09:55 AM

ok thanks i will do that next weekend as i will be busy all week


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