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xsenon 03-15-2005 02:54 AM

Sync PalmOS Smartphone
Hi !! :-)

I used a Windows CE PDA, but i could not sync to my linux Desktop. Therefore i had the option to change my Desktop or my PDA. Of course i changed my PDA and bought a PALM PDA.

Now i have the Group Sence Xplore G18 PDA :

It has a Infrared Connection, but i cannot get a connection to my Notebook. Fedora has a built in Utility for PALM OS PDAs, but i won't recognise the g18.

Is there anybody who can help me ?


triaydev 03-15-2005 09:35 PM

have you tried the KPilot? It's very nice, sometimes slow but friendly. First thing you shoud be sure about is that your connection interface (i understand you're trying to use infrared connection) is correctly configured in your laptop and accessible to the user it's intended to sync. If that's ok then just configure KPilot & Kandy (both are part of KDE project); you have JPilot too, this is a very Palm Desktop look-alike application, very simple if you want to keep things that way; but my personal favorite is syncing with evolution, a complete outlook-like app, part of gnome project, this one has the explicit option of linking with IR.
Hope this helps

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