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allgood791 09-10-2006 03:28 PM

Sony VAIO Series
hi folks
i would like to try Slackware on my laptop and have read in only one location (the only one that mentioned my machine exactly) that it is the only disro that will run on it. I have a Sony VAIO PCG-FXA47/48/49 series with an AMD athlon 4 chip. I have tried SUSE a few years ago but it did not recognize the internal modem which is V.90 compatiable. Anyone out there know for sure before i try it. I am not interested in dual OS as the purpose here is to GET RID of microworms forever.
LCD screen 15" XGA TFT, Graphics ATI 3D Rage Mobility-M1,
Sound AC97 compatiable, 3d surround analog devices/AD1881A, Optical drive CD-RW/DVD combo, Modem V.90 compatiablity, PCG-FXA-48

Also, being new to LINUX all advice is welcome, as to forget it and get a desktop etc?!?!? It just so happens that this Sony is hard to kill and keeps running % running so i figure i will use it until it stops.

b0uncer 09-10-2006 03:31 PM

I bet Slackware just cannot be the only distribution that works on it. It's very unprobable since the distributions just do not differ _that_ much :) so try out some else..

For instance, if you have a cd-rw or dvd-/+rw, you could burn the Ubuntu (or Kubuntu if you like KDE or Xubuntu if you like XFCE) desktop cd (which is a Live-cd/install cd) or dvd, put it in the drive and try if it loads. If you get a working desktop, go ahead and install it - it works. If it does not, grab the possible error messages and come back here to find out why it did not run..and if it runs, it's probable that the other distributions, especially the "big ones" run too.

After all nearly every distribution evolves all the time, so old news is old news. If something didn't work in the past, it might work today.

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