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Chikne 10-03-2006 08:51 PM

slackware on toshiba portege 3490

I have bought today a toshiba 3490. It only came with a pcmcia cd-rom drive. Now I tried to do an install straight from there, it worked well up to the source selection menu where the installation process couldn't find the cd-rom.

Has anyone got a clue as to why it can't find the source at this stage of the installation? I mean the system boots fine and all the rest goes fine up until that point!

Now I was reading earlier that the thing needs to actually boot from a floppy with some pcmcia instructons on it, unfortunately I do not have the floppy drive for it.

The only solution I could think of was to make an nfs installation, but I can't find out if my pcmcia support PXE or etherboot. Also I don't think that my current kernel has nfs configure in it, so I tried to build a new kernel and I got some errors when typing make xconfig.

Well I just saw that slack 11 has been released so I might try that for now but if anyone has any hints for an easy nfs install, that would be well welcome =)

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