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SgtBhaji 04-06-2004 07:58 AM

RH9 2.6.0 & 2.6.5 Compilation probs on emachines notebook.
I started playing with linux last year, but after problems getting ACPI and a few other things working, I decided to wait for the final release of the 2.6 kernel as I was previously using the 2.6test9. I have finally made time to start dabbling with linux again, but still seem to be facing some of the same problems i was before.

My Machine is an emachines M5310, I am running RH9 and currently trying to get the 2.6.0 or 2.6.5 kernel working.

The problems i am currently struggling with, is that when i compile my kernel, I completely lose USB and am no longer able to mount my CD Drive. I have re-compiled the kernel a few time but still seem to get the same problem no matter what i change in the config. Could anybody please offer me some pointers? Is there just something i have overlooked in the config?

I'd be really grateful if somebody could help me out with these problems so i can start using linux, rather than compiling kernel. Is it possible for somebody with the same machine to post their .config? would that work?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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