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finklewicz 08-04-2005 12:00 PM

Problems sync'ing Tungsten T5 w/Mandriva and KPilot
I recently got a Tungsten T5 and I'm having issues getting it to sync w/my Mandriva 2005LE setup using KPilot or JPilot. I prefer KPilot and I got it to sync with it once, but can't seem to figure out what I did to get it to work. KPilot recognizes the unit, and attempts to sync, but then I get a timeout error. This is the output I get from KPilot:

12:37:38 Starting the KPilot daemon ...
12:37:38 Daemon status is `not running'
12:37:40 Trying to open device /dev/pilot...
12:37:40 Device link ready.
12:37:50 Cannot accept Pilot (Connection timed out)

or I get this:

12:43:03 Starting the KPilot daemon ...
12:43:03 Daemon status is `not running'
12:43:10 Trying to open device /dev/pilot...
12:43:10 Device link ready.
12:45:11 Unable to read system information from Pilot

Then the T5 gives a timeout error message a couple of minutes later.

Also, it seems that I can't start KPilot from the systray icon, I have to close it down completely and restart the program for it to do anything at all.

Any ideas about what the issue is? Thanks for any help!

fouldsy 08-14-2005 09:05 AM

Quite a few people have had problems getting the T5's connecting with KPilot. My T2 + T3 used to sync when they wanted :( What port is KPilot trying to connect to?

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