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painterh 12-27-2008 09:55 AM

New Asus M50VM-X1 notebook. No sound or wireless. Help Please!
I have a new Asus M50VM-X1 with Vista pre-loaded and a fresh install of Ultimate Edition 2.0 (Intrepid x64 base). I set up additional partitions so that my 250 GB hdd has 4 nearly equal partitions. Vista was already setup with one for the Vista OS and one for data and I set up the other 2 as ext3 and did my install. I used "Easy BCD" for bootloader and the install went flawlessly. I now have 2 major issues.

1. Wireless:
It uses the Atheros 928x internal card. In network manager, when I enable wireless networking, It sees my gateway but wont seem to connect. I have checked out the wireless switch on the front of computer and it is on. I would think that if bluetooth is working, (bluetooth icon is visible in panel when switch is in on position), and it sees my network in network manager that the wireless is indeed turned on (wireless in Vista has to be turned on). It seems to have difficulty with my WEP key. It seems to default to 40/128 bit WEP passphrase as network security, and wont remember my WEP key. My home network is set up with 64 bit WEP passphrase, and that choice is not given in network manager. It always gets to the point of acquiring a network address and then fails to connect. I have seen other posts about the Atheros 928x driver not working properly in Intrepid (or linux in general), so I think it is a driver issue but don't know what to do at this point.

2. Sound:
I have been messing around trying to get the sound working and can;t get any sound at all from speakers or headphones. I have also read about problems with Pulse audio and Alsa compatibility concerning this notebook. If anyone out there has some expertise in setting up notebook hardware (Asus in particular) I would really appreciate some help. If there's any additional info I can post that might sort it out, just ask.
Thanks in advance for any help.

techxkg1086 12-27-2008 08:38 PM

I had trouble with Ultimate Ed 2.0 sound on a desktop only after the updates were installed. Haven,t resolved yet. I have got a handle on the Atheros wireless card issue by running Sabayon 4 KDE on a Acer laptop, by a purely default install and only right clicking on the network icon in the upper panel and selecting the wireless signal I wanted to use at that time. Oh and be sure to select the wireless checkbox during the install.

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