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Drewfuss 06-08-2010 06:57 PM

Network Manager gone
So I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 as my only OS on my Laptop. It was working just fine until i updated it. Now the network manager is not in the system notification tray. I don't know how else to connect through my wifi card. When i go to the repository it says that the program is still installed but i can't figure out how to access it. Has anybody else had this problem or know how to fix it?

MrCode 06-08-2010 07:17 PM

Have you tried just re-installing NetworkManager?

There is a way to connect to a wireless network via the command line. It's a bit of a process, though...

Drewfuss 06-08-2010 07:33 PM

Thanks. I hadnt considered that. I will look into it.

x29a 06-08-2010 07:36 PM

Is the icon really gone or is the space used up by some invisible icon? i had the later and i could use it without a problem.

you might want to kill nm-applet and start it again. maybe it also just got removed from your tray, try adding it again

Drewfuss 06-08-2010 07:41 PM

For others with this problem (using MrCode's idea) i found this tut.

Drewfuss 06-09-2010 04:54 PM

Thanks x29a. Do you know how i would go about adding it to the tray? It would be convenient to have.

Bradj47 06-09-2010 04:59 PM

This seems to be a common problem in Ubuntu 10.04. I keep having same problem. Whenever it happens I comment out all the lines in /etc/network/interfaces and restart. When I log back in the network manager icon is there and when I go un-comment out all the lines in /etc/network/interfaces it doesn't complain. I hope Ubuntu fixes this in an update or something.

Agentkiller4 06-12-2010 01:07 PM

it may have dropped out of the autostart list, try manually running it with nm-applet from terminal/Alt+F2

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